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These terms of use defined relationship and responsibilities between SSI Securities Corporation and Customers in supplying and using information and services in the website

  1. Article 1: Term definition
    1. E-Trading” is the transactions related to securities, money in the Customer’s securities trading account opened at The Securities Company, which
      (i) are performed in accordance with the Services; and
      (ii) through electronic means including without limitation of telephone, fax, internet, SMS messages, email, web-chat and electronic others.
    2. "E-Trading Service” is the services provided by the Securities Company for the Customers at certain time for the Customer’s E-Trading performance purpose.
    3. System” is the system built by the Securities Company in order for E-Trading performance including software programs, utilities, applications which are installed at belonging to or the system of telephone, fax of the Securities Company.
    4. Logging password” is the password to verify the Customers when they access the system.
    5. Trading password” is the password which is used to confirm once again before performing a transaction. Trading password is independent to Logging password. There are two kinds of trading password:
      (i) One-time password (OTP): which is valid for only one transaction at one certain time for a certain Customer, and will automatically disappear within a certain period of time.
      (ii) PIN code: which is established by the Customer and will be effective until being changed by the Customer
    6. Token” is a security tool provided by the Securities Company for the Customer to create One-time password (OTP) when The Customer wants to use E-Trading Service and/or perform E-Trading.
    7. Electronic record” is data related to performing the Customer’s securities, money transactions, which is created, generated, received and stored when E-Trading service is used and/or performed.
    8. "Force majeure" means any events including any acts or restrictions of the Government or civil authorities, riots, wars, civil commotions, insurrections, strikes, other labor controversy and other work stagnations, deactivated or prevented utilities, epidemic diseases, fires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis or natural disasters, and other events beyond the control of the two parties otherwise unavoidable, which prevent any party or both parties from fulfillment of all or part of these terms.
  2. Article 2: Risks from E-Trading
    1. There are likely risks any time in using E-Trading service and/or E-Trading performance due to the faults of the System or of any third party. The Customer undertakes to accept every risks arising from using E-Trading service and/or performing E-Trading, due to the faults of the System, of any third party or the Customer’s acts affecting using E-Trading service and/or performing E-Trading.
  3. Article 3: Time of Service supply
    1. The Securities Company will provide E-Trading service continuously.
    2. The time of E-Trading service supply related to securities buy/sell/cancel transactions is performed upon regulations of Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange/Ha Noi Stock Exchange from time to time.
    3. The time of suspending E-Trading service supply due to amendments, maintenance and updating of the System or being requested by competence governmental offices shall be informed in advance by the Securities Company.
  4. Article 4: The Customer’s undertakings
    1. Undertake to read carefully, understand clearly and keep to the manual of using E-Trading service and/or performing E-Trading, which are directly provided by the Securities Company or publicized on its website (“Public Instruction”). The Securities Company is not responsible for unperformed E-Trading for any reason or any damages if the Customer does not perform Public Instruction in the right way.
    2. Trading password is deemed to be the Customer’s electronic signature (“Electronic signature”) and electronic record created and generated with The Customer’s electronic signature has legal value as the Customer’s order slip ordered directly and valid at the Securities Company’s trading counter.
    3. Agree that any access/trading to/on the Customer’s securities trading account by username with right logging password and trading password or other defining factors provided by the Securities Company to the Customer is regard as the Customer’s access.
    4. Provide fully/register information related to the Customer and quickly inform the Securities Company when that information is changed, be responsible for such provided information. The change is valid just after the Customer receives the Securities Company’s confirmation in writing.
    5. Accept that all information or exchanges sent to or from email, telephone, fax or other electronic means registered to the Securities Company by the Customer are naturally regarded as sent to or from the Customer.
    6. Pay full amount Services Fee and other expenses in accordance with the regulations of the Securities Company publically instructed from time to time.
    7. Be aware of and agree likely risks from E-Trading and the Risks Disclosure provided by the Securities Company or publicized on its website.
    8. When signing or authorizing the other person to perform E-Trading on the Customer’s Securities trading account, the Customer naturally acknowledge to have considered carefully this authorization and is completely responsible for E-Trading performed by such authorized person.
    9. Be responsible to apply any reasonable measures in order to ensure security and logicality for all kinds of machines, connection equipment, systematic software, application software, used by the Customer to connect, access to the System in order to control and prevent illegal use and access to E-Trading service.
    10. Agree to authorize the Securities Company to extract money from the Customer’s securities trading account to pay Services Fee and/or other expenses by the Securities Company’s regulations related to the Customer using E-Trading service or performing E-Trading.
  5. Article 5: The Securities Company’s undertakings
    1. The company has no any undertakings, assurance or priority of transition and of successful performance for any E-Trading when The Customer uses E-Trading service and/or performs E-Trading.
    2. For E-Trading’s transaction that the Security Company discovers under its control invalid, unusual, doubtable signs, the Securities Company can reject to perform or has to verify, check again before performance.
    3. Manage information related to the Customer’s trading performance by law.
    4. Supply, instruct and support the Customer to use E-Trading services and/or perform E-Trading, publicize applied Service Fee levels.
    5. Inform the Customer in advance in the case of interruption, temporary interruption, change/repair/replacement of a part or all E-Trading services; change the terms and conditions of this Annex in accordance with legal regulations.
    6. Instruct and support technical problems when the Customer uses E-Trading services and/or performs E-Trading. Regularly update new versions of the System to the Customer (if any).
    7. Store Electronic record related to the Customer’s E-Trading performance by law and ensures these documents accessible and usable for reference in necessary cases.
    8. Inform in reasonable time on the Securities Company’s website and at its orders receiving agents, branches and head office and exert itself in short time to repair problems in transition or systematic faults causing E-Trading unperformed in order for the Customer to timely perform securities trading through tellers or brokers of the Securities Company.
    9. Compensate for damages due to the Securities Company’s faults by law.
  6. Article 6: Disclaimer
  7. The Securities Company is not responsible for any mistakes or damages for following reasons:

    1. The Customer gives late, incomplete or inexact provision of information, which causes E-Trading services unusable and/or E-Trading unperformed.
    2. Mistakes of any third parties, even including the Securities Company’s partners in providing E-Trading service.
    3. Faults of the System or any relevant technical means, even including the case that the System rejects to perform the Customer’s E-Trading for any reason.
    4. The Securities Company performs with delay or can not perform its duties according to the terms and conditions of using E-Trading services because of problems regarding machines, data process, media, act of God or any events out of its control or results of any third parties’ fraud and fake.
    5. The use of E-Trading service and/or the performance of E-Trading or the access to E-Trading service of the person who is authorized by the Customer.
    6. The case that the Customer lets Token mislaid, stolen, logging username, logging password, trading password, electronic signature and/or other verification factors provided by the Security Company enables other person to make use of this information for using E-Trading services and/or performing E-Trading or accessing to the information provided by E-Trading services.

    The Securities Company is not responsible for the case that the Customer does not receive information due to:

    1. The Customer’s email can not receive emails for any reason.
    2. The Customer changes email address without informing the Securities Company.
  8. Article 7: General term
    1. The case that the Customer registers and uses E-Trading service does not waive the Customer’s rights and duties stipulated in the Securities trading account opening agreement, related undertakings which The Customer has signed with The Securities Company and/or concrete conditions of trading ways instructed and publicized by the Securities Company.
    2. Registering to use E-Trading service does not waive the Customer’s right of securities trading performance through using other services which the Customer has registered with the Securities Company.
    3. The Customer should directly and frequently check Securities trading account status and balance and keeps the Securities Company informed without delay of mistakes arising from the process of using E-Trading service and/or performing E-Trading.
    4. These terms of use shall be construed to in accordance with the law of Vietnam. Any dispute or controversy arising between the Customer and the Securities Company relating to these terms will settle by negotiation. In case the negotiation fails, both parties have the right to transfer the case to any court having jurisdiction to be settled by law.