SSI - Market intelligence

  1. Introduction of SSI E-Trading Services
  2. We, SSI Securities Corporation.
    Abbreviation: SSI
    Headquarter: 72 Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Telephone: (+8428) 38242897
    Fax: (+8428) 38242997
    Email: [email protected]
    is licensed by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam on November 1st, 2010 to provide E-Trading Services for Clients. SSI enhances its E-trading system continuously to provide tailored services for Client as follows:
    - Securities Trading Service via Internet includes: SSI Web Trading, SSI Mobile Trading, SSI Pro Trading
    • SSI Web Trading
      • The Client executes transactions via website without any software installation on their computers.
      • Flexible authentication method: PIN or Token
      • Service provides: Speedily orders, Cash advance, Money transfer, Quotation, Account statement, Margin account trading, Authorized account trading ...
    • SSI Mobile Trading
      SSI Mobile Trading is an application on mobile device with many following advanced features:
      • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch applications
      • Simple and easy operating
      • High speed watch list
      • Buy/Sell stock order placing
      • Assets and porfolio management
    • SSI Pro Trading
      SSI Pro Trading which is the best technical analysis solfware and trading tool for professional investors provides advanced functions:
      • Realtime technical analysis
      • Adjustable stock screener
      • Advanced placing order
      • Multiple function windows in one screen
      • Easily setting alert
    - Securities Trading Services via Phone with Customer Service Center: SSI Contact Center
    • Include two hotline services: Speedily orders hotline: 1900545418 and Support center: 1900545471.
    • Authentication method: CCPIN or Token
    • Service provides:
      • Speedily orders
      • Cash advance
      • Bank transfer and Internal transfer
      • Right stock registration/ Sell odd-lot shares
      • Other specialized service ...
    - Securities Trading Service via SMS 8079
    • The Client texts message with prepared syntax following the instruction of SSI and then sends to 8079 to fulfill a check for account balance, account information, market information, a change in registered mobile phone number ...
    • Authentication method: Token
    • Service provides: access market information and account information
    - Other services that SSI may provide to Clients via internet from time to time.
  3. Potential risks in E-trading services
  4. Even though we are committed bringing our Clients the best services and minimize possible risks, E-trading services have potential risk from failure of hardware, software and services provided by third parties, which are out of control of both SSI and Clients.
    Following are potential risks when using E-trading services:
    - Technical errors in hardware and software of the System.
    - The System is halted due to transmission problems.
    - The computer is affected by virus and information exchange of the computer-network is halted. Client’s transaction order may be suspended, delayed, cancelled or inaccurate.
    - The verification of Client may not be performed.
    - The stock quotes and other stock information showed in e-trading systems may be incorrect or be delayed some seconds caused by some objective reasons.
    - The news and business information posted on website of SSI and e-trading systems of SSI is supplied by StoxPlus, the official news supply company of SSI.
    - Other risks are identified, updated and disclosed by the Company time to time.
  5. Disclaimer
  6. SSI Securities Corporation. is not responsible for any risks, loss or damage arising due to:
    - The Client provides information slowly, mistakenly or inaccurately as a result E-Trading Services and/ or E-Trading transactions may not perform.
    - Errors of any third party including but not limitation to the Company's services providers in providing E-Trading Services.
    - The Client’s transaction order is revoked due to problem of the System or any related technical means may arise for any reason.
    - The Company fails to execution of Client’s transactions or perform their responsibilities in accordance with the terms and provisions using E-Trading Services due to the failure of machinery, data processing, information telecommunications, natural disaster or any event occurring beyond the control of the Company or as a result of fraud, falsification making by any third party.
    - E-Trading Services, E-Trading’s transactions or E-Trading Service’s information is used by Client’s authorization.
    - Token, username, logging password, trading password, electronic signature and/or other Client’s identified factors provided by the Company are mislaid or stolen by any third party who causes unwanted transactions, information approaching via these factors.
  7. SSI Support: Hotline 1900545471
  8. In the event of the fact that the Client realizes unauthorized people using your password, conducting transactions illegally, call our hotline No.: 1900 545 471; Ext.: 29 immediately so that SSI will stop processing such activities and take necessary measures.